Support through a coffee cup

One of the things that I enjoyed so much on this trip was meeting people who were doing such impactful things for their community. As I sat drinking my coffee this morning, I realized that one small thing that is totally in my power is where I spend my pocket change. Michael Pollan once said, “You don’t have to wait for [people in power] to get their act together…you can act now. There are alternatives. You can vote with your fork.” (Interview, Bill Moyers Journal, 2008).

As a coffee-drinking Portlander, I can’t quite start my morning without that cup of java–and was super thankful that Haitian coffee was available on our trip! When we met Beaver and Kathy Brooks, we got a chance to browse through their store. That’s how I found out about Singing Rooster coffee (….and started thinking that might be a better way to both fill my cup-in every sense of the word– in the morning. So if you think you have no power to effect change, think again. You can support what God is doing around the world with a cup of coffee.  – Carol


Mesi Lifesong! Bondye Beni Ou!

Mesi Anpil (thank you) and Bondye Beni Ou (God bless you)!

6D4E2AEF-2E9B-4792-8061-67337C6743DCThanks to all of you for participating with us through your prayers and support. You are the “stay” team that allowed us as the “away” team to go to Haiti.


This was the “away” team on Mount Sinai (really-that was its name!) which overlooks the city of Gonaives, Haiti, where we ran the medical outreach at Pastor Ezekiel’s Fayeton orphanage and church.

Lifesong Haiti Team 2018
ESMI in Gonaives and other cities in Haiti

Where is Gonaives?

We went hoping to be a blessing to the children and staff there, but we were also blessed by them as well. These are some of the children at the orphanage on our last day praying a blessing over us.

Angel Bethany and orphans

While we were there in Gonaives, we got to connect with other believers working in Haiti that are working to bring the good news of Jesus and God’s kingdom to earth.

The picture below shows my brother Craig and Pastor Mark with Beaver Brooks, who runs a community economic development program called Much Ministries, and Richard Senat, one of our ESMI translators. Richard had to be away from his two girls the whole week so he could help our team. We met up with Tom Wright, (in the picture on the right) a former surgeon who now teaches pastors to become more effective. He ran a pastor’s conference for the week that we were doing our medical outreach. You can see Dr. Wright in action on the ESMI site videos! 

other workers in Haiti

It was very encouraging to me to see how God used the backgrounds, unique skills and experiences of each person on the team-whether it was sports, Spanish, art, youth ministry and even Tetris playing-in our work at the orphanage and the community. While Craig and I were seeing patients, the others on the team connected with the children there through games and fun–and they were uniquely gifted with their skills in fancy handshakes and baseball/soccer skills!  To find out how God can use Tetris skills, you’ll have to talk to Christian Kim.

Rocks and Overlook

In Gonaives many of the houses are made of concrete blocks and stones. The bricks and stones are carried by hand up the mountain and brought to the worksite. While the stones individually are small, these piles of stones, combined with mortar and hard work, are used to create a home that will shelter a family.

On this Orthodox Easter Sunday I’m reminded of Peter, who might have felt kind of useless, like a small stone that seemed insignificant – so afraid of admitting he knew Jesus that he denied Jesus and cursed in front of a teenaged servant girl. But it was to Peter that Jesus said upon this rock I will build my church. And I think of a little boy in a crowd, when the Big Cheese disciples didn’t know how they were supposed all these hungry people, who offered up his lunch of a couple of rolls and a few sardines and saw Jesus feed 5000.

If you are wondering if there is any way you could participate in what God is doing around the world, I’d encourage you to consider,  what do you have? Are there gifts or skills that you might see as insignificant? God is able do mighty things when we allow God to use what we have. Remember what God can do with a rock, or a few loaves and fish!  – Carol 

Partner with El Shaddai Ministries at

Want to know more about Much Ministries or MTW?  Check out Kathy and Beaver Brooks’ company, 2nd Story Goods ( and their foundation, Much Ministries

Missions to the World:

Highs and Lows

High: Being able to finish helping all the orphans and just seeing their smiles after they got out of the clinic.

Low: Leaving the orphanage and saying goodbye to all the kids.


Highs: – Julia (one of the moms) asked me to hold her son, Dave and he is absolutely adorable.
– Learning more about Richard and Fanuel and laughing with them.
– Playing soccer today and I had the awesomest team with Jeff, Schneider, and Dodo.
– Teaching kids how to play slide and making up cool handshakes.

Lows: Having to turn people away from the clinic and saying bye was difficult after getting to learn the stories of the kids.


High point for me was hanging out with the kids and taking a photo, then having them sing to us.

Low was seeing a little boy who was really sad and withdrawn and no one knew why; having kids with health issues and we didn’t have treatment for them, not sure if they could even get it.

High: Hanging out with the kids in the waiting room, playing games with them and seeing them laugh, also seeing/helping Pastor Mark getting the kids to memorize the gospel.

Low: Having to say goodbye to the kids was sad.


My high was having the orphans sing and pray over us, with kind words of blessing by Pastor Ezekiel.

My low was seeing 3 serious medical cases, with uncertain options for better management.


High: One highlight of the week was seeing many of the orphans learning and spending a lot of time memorizing the gospel then also sharing it with others! It was awesome to see!

Low for the week was seeing their sleeping quarters – dingy overcrowded rooms made of cement with iron bunk beds with cardboard for mattresses and a worn sheet over it. They were stacked with very little room between them.


High is meeting all the kids and creating a bond with the kids.

Low is leaving and saying goodbye.


Please keep the team in prayer as we spend most of tomorrow traveling from Gonaives to Port-au-Prince to Miami and then back to Los Angeles. We will arrive midnight 12:01 am on April 7th on American Airlines 1147.

Glory to God

Today was yet another day of seeing our doctors and students working with a great amount of joy in the Lord as they served the people of the community. With no hospitals and few medical clinics in the area, many people from the city waited patiently for hours to be diagnosed and treated. We were tremendously  blessed not only to be able to have our doctors help them medically but also to share the love of Christ and the gospel with them as well as to pray for them. We know that our efforts are small but pray that they would bear everlasting fruit to the glory of God.

Prayers for the Community

This blog post is from Angel…

Today started off like any other day we woke up got ready and went to breakfast, the breakfast here is quite different. I had spaghetti but not the normal red sauce we usually have, this dish included vegetables and did not have a sauce, overall it was really good. We went down the same road that is very hard to drive across because it’s not paved. When we finally got to the clinic we began to pre-make prescriptions. Afterwards I was with Dr. Endo seeing the patients, which was nice to see what goes on behind the closed door. When we finished with the clinic we made our way to a store called Second Story where they reuse items to make little trinkets. Today was a great day overall and the clinic went much more smoothly than the day before. – Angel

This is from Craig…

Today was not too bad, more manageable. Wish we could do more, but have to rely on the Lord to provide in one way or another. Saw community people in clinic today. Unfortunately had to turn away many.  Haitian pastor was was able to pray for people as they exited, was great to see.  Met a Haitian named Jude who went to southwestern theological seminary in Texas. Has a great desire to church plant in remote Haiti despite his father being killed 4 years ago. Jude’s father was a pastor and president of the Baptist churches. Because of these positions, he believes there was an assumption that the family had money and that was a possible motive for the killing. – Craig

Medical Clinic at the Orphanage



It was such a great blessing to glorify God and proclaim the Name and news of the Lord Jesus Christ with such faithful and tireless servants of the Lord. Our hearts break for all of the orphans who live with tremendous physical need. But it is so encouraging to see the life and love of Christ in their hearts and minds.   – Mark


Most of the day yesterday I was in the pharmacy area helping sort the medicine and helping give them out, it was kind of crazy at first we didn’t have a translator but we had one of the orphans help us and he was a huge help, hopefully yesterday has helped us to make the next day go more smoothly and better.  – Angel


There was an orphan there named Marco who was 16 but looked as if he was 12 and had the responsibility of a 20 year old. He was really awesome being able to translate for us working in the pharmacy area. He really smoothed things out for us as it was crazy in the clinic with all the kids running around 🙂   -Christian


Being able to help at the medical clinic was a lot of fun. Getting to know some of the kids and playing with them is an experience that I will never forget. Being able to meet people such as Robert, James, Fanuel was amazing. They were such a big help to us, by translating what the kids were saying.  – Sarah


Clinic went well and we are so blessed to have awesome doctors like Auntie Carol and dad on the team. It was a little stressful yesterday just getting the hang of things because we have such a large variety of medication and little experience but I’m so thankful for our team and couldn’t ask for a better one. Dad and I had a little conflict on the flow of patients and what was the most efficient way to serve but it all worked out. The kids here are such encouragements and so incredibly intelligent. I have felt so blessed and humbled and thank you for all the support back home and for your prayers!! They are so appreciated and we can’t wait to share more stories when we get back.  – Bethany


The high schoolers have been a huge blessing to the team with their energy and organization! They had the pharmacy organized and running so quickly. Thankful for all the staff and translators that helped us see the patients. Please pray that we would be able to serve the patients we see today with our limited stocks of medications-makes prayer a much more critical part of the clinic since we don’t have some medicines to treat or even fully diagnose some problems.  -Carol


First day of clinic always harder than usual, but the team and Carol did great. Saw the orphan girls yesterday. The boys got a little rowdy so crowd control was difficult for the front. Carol and the youth did great ending the visits with prayer.
Met up with pastor Tom Wright from Mission to the World who has served in west Africa and now Haiti doing pastoring and leadership training. He is a surgeon turned pastor. Amazing to meet the people of God. Please pray for me and Sarah, still coughing.  – Craig

Please lift up each of the team members by name, as they share the Gospel and work at the medical clinic this week.

Craig Endo
Sarah Deanda
Bethany Endo
Carole Endo
Christian Kim
Angel Renteria
Mark Shiraki

Team Verse: Psalm 67:3-4

“Let the peoples praise you, O God; let all the peoples praise you! Let the nations be glad and sing for joy, for you judge the peoples with equity and guide the nations upon earth.”