Haiti 2016 Presentation

Thank you to everyone who came out to our presentation today! If you didn’t get a chance to see it, here is the video.



Haiti Presentation!

Just a reminder that we will be having our Haiti presentation at church this Sunday! Lunch is included with casual/Haitian style food and the presentation will be directly after.

Church is 10:30-12 and lunch to follow.

Held at Lifesong Community Church: 13333 Ramona Avenue in Chino

Please come out and thank you for all of your support!

Last Night in Haiti


We finally made it to Port-Au-Prince. Thank you God for allowing us to get here safely.
Today was a long day. We began the morning with packing and sorting out all we would like to leave behind. Then it was breakfast one last time with our Haitian family.
Around 11 am, we started our travel to Port-Au-prince. We made it all the way to the gate of the property when our van got stuck in mud. Luckily, with the help of Richard, we were able to get unstuck and go on our way.
Our first stop was Cayes . We had to go over some pretty rough roads (mostly unpaved) and I’ll be honest I got a bit car sick. The drive was well worth it though. It was amazing to see how far the Cayes orphanage and compound has come. There were so many new buildings and so many improvements. Praise God in all the work He has done here!
After lunch, more pictures and saying goodbye to our amazing translator, Richard, we returned to the road. This time the roads were flatter and paved. It was such a blessing to see so much of Haiti. This country is beautiful!
Now we are settling in for our last night in Haiti. The last night is always filled with mixed emotions. I’m so looking forward to being back with my family, sharing what I have learned and living a more grateful life.

Thank you for all your prayers throughout our week here in Haiti. Please continue to pray for us as we make our way home tomorrow. Also please pray for the workers of ESMI as they prepare for another team on Wednesday. They work incredibly long hours to ensure our safety and comfort. They have been getting very little breaks between groups since the hurricane.

~ Julie

Happy Thanksgiving!

Praise for team unity, being flexible and patient with changing time schedules and delays of various types. We are working well together. “May they know we are Christians by our love” for others and one another.

Flexibility is required when serving in Haiti. We ran into 3 memorable delays to our day. The first was a huge pile of dirt and rock that was dumped in the middle of the road on the way to BonBon. We had to wait until the hand crew flattened it. The second was a student protest that filled some streets in central Jeremie. They were demanding that schools be opened as this is the first week of classes. Many schools are still closed as a result of the hurricane. The third occurred during the pastor’s conference that we attended in Jeremie. The church lost half of its roof in the hurricane. This morning it rained so hard that the rain hitting the tin roof drowned out Pastor Bresile St. Germain’s voice. Water started coming through the plastic tarps so people were shuffling around to find dry areas. So, the conference was halted until the rain stopped.
This is how our day went today. This AM, went to pastors conference attended by up to 400 pastors from the surrounding area. It was a time to meet, pray, share and encourage. Some literally lost everything.
In the PM, we went to Emmanuel children’s home. I think we were able to create computerized records for all. The team was able to spend a few hours with the kids as well.
Tonight we had Thanksgiving dinner in Haiti with about 20 ESMI staff. It was a time for Dony and Sharon to say thank you to many of the behind-the-scenes people.  Thank you ESMI for celebrating Thanksgiving with us and trying to make it as familiar as possible! So, yesterday we saw a live turkey roaming the grounds…well tonight he is not roaming around anymore…

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support. Thank you families for loving us.
Please pray for traveling mercies tomorrow as we drive from Jeremie to Port Au Prince, possibly at least 10 hours. It’s been raining tonight so the roads may be bad.

Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving!

~ Craig



Bonjou! As usual we have had another amazing day in Haiti. After breakfast of spaghetti, a typical Haitian breakfast, we headed off to the church at BonBon. The road was very rough but with Fanuel’s driving skills and by God’s grace, we made it both there and back. When we arrived at what was left of the church, the road up to the church was blocked and we had to walk up a bit. Once at the church, Christy gave a great Bible lesson that was acted out by the rest of the team. Madame Mari Michelle, the children ministry leader, typically gives the bible lessons at BonBon and she helped us a great deal. Sometimes she has up to 150 kids all on her own! After our lesson, the children made hobo bags donated from Lifesong and then we handed out water and crackers.
After BonBon we had a bit of a break and finished some tasks. Then we headed off for another orphange called Emmanuel. The church at this orphanage was completely destroyed but thankfully no major injuries. We started medical files on the children and Craig will see the children tomorrow. Please pray for these children as some had fevers and may have some illnesses. Pray that they are not serious and we have the medicine they need.
Finally, after dinner the team prepared some dishes for the Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. Of course, in Haiti any task you think is going to be easy, isn’t. Luckily we were able to overcome the obstacles and look forward to honoring the ESMI workers tomorrow.
Thank you all for every prayer. We really appreciate it. Right now I can hear the rain, please pray for all the people living in homes, partial homes or tents that they are somehow able to stay dry. Also, praise God that my migraine finally went away.



Please lift up prayers of encouragement for the Haitian church. Went to BonBon today. Church completely flattened and road is blocked by fallen trees but still about 70 kids showed up for the first children’s Bible story time since the hurricane, led by Madame Marie Michelle, ESMI director of children ministry.
Tomorrow AM we will be sitting in on pastors conference. 400 strong from southern Haiti. Stories coming from even worse hit areas. Most pastors here must have a job to support themselves and are bi-vocational. Churches cannot afford to pay. Pastors trying to figure out how to support their congregations when people are suffering, churches are destroyed and their own homes and livelihood have been lost.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

You can donate directly to ESMI via http://www.esmihome.org/donate

The Big Picture

Dear Followers,

God blessed us with a beautiful day, clear skies, mild temps and no rain.
Today we returned to Lundi to finish up some painting. Craig was happy to be able to have a stress free day of painting.  Although he still ended up doing medical work tonight, seeing 16 new students who enrolled at the school.
Back to the Lundi orphange…the kids were excited to see something out of the ordinary to break up their daily lives. Thank God for all the paint equipment donated, because with the kids swarming to help, we needed every roller and brush. Even though it was not the most professional paint job, the joy that came from everyone working together made up for all the paint on the floor and on all of us.
The highlight of the day was at the end when we gathered with the kids, staff, and pastor to take a group picture.  After the group picture we had a little extra time and spent it playing with the kids.  This is where we saw the big picture. The reason why we were sent here.  To serve the people of Haiti for the glory of God.  The pastor was so appreciative, he sent us off with love and blessings.
Even after a hard day’s work, our team still looks forward to serving as we are lead.
Thank you all for your prayers. It is giving us the strength to hit the road on our mission to share the good news.

Bob Yamaguchi

Haiti Team 2016