BUMP 2016

Hello from the Lifesong BUMP LA team! What an experience so far! From riding the metro into LA, to meeting Pastor Scott and his wonderful family, to sleeping in a century old building… we are excited to be here and looking forward to what God has in store for us. Months ago when we started to plan for this week, our main task was to prepare for VBS. Our team diligently prepared lessons, coordinated decorations and Bible lessons, learned lines for daily skits and learned hand motions for songs. Little did we know that there was so much more in store for us this week.

This morning, Pastor Scott took the BUMP teams on a tour of the neighborhood. For most of us, the only tour of the Pico-Union district was glancing out of the car window on the way to a Laker game. Seldom did we notice the buildings or homes or the people. Our eyes would focus intently on the bright lights of LA and Staples center. Pastor Scott helped us to slow down, look and take notice of the community. We stopped at a famous mural, a collaboration which served to unify various neighborhoods, sometimes rival neighborhoods. We heard testimonies of God’s grace and how we, who are all sinners, are brought near to God through the unifying work of Christ on the cross. He spoke of the brokenness of the city, but reminded us that we are all broken, in desperate need of Christ.

Much more than VBS, but life lessons of the greatness of our God.